The authentic style to make holidays with heart and a wink ...

Weingut & Gästehaus
"Zur Reblaus"
Brunngasse 71
A - 2170 Poysdorf
Tel.: +43 (0)664/738 646 56

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Delights for home
English version
English version

The perfect Souvenir from Poysdorf of course is some of our wonderful wine. In a cosy atmosphere you can taste the wines of our parents' wineries and buy them for home.

Something nutrient is as important as wine. Simone loves to cook and she is more than happy if she can make you happy with her jams and juices. Of course, you can buy them, too:

The assortment is versatile and maybe unique: apricots with Weinviertel DAC, blackberry with Blauburger, Poysdorfer Veltliner Gelee und Poysdorfer Rotwein Gelee. Make you dreaming about your time in Poysdorf with a wink.

Furthermore: Juices, spirits and apricots or plums in summer or grapes in winter.


Genuss für zu Hause